A good tortilla is really just flour, salt, water, and some sort of oil or lard. The art is striking the correct balance. Lucy gives us a “recipe” with measurements, but everyone who has tried to make her tortillas knows you hardly measure anything.

The flour should be high altitude since we live in Colorado, and the water should be lukewarm. Getting the correct size of dough balls is even more challenging, but it all must be done timely to ensure the dough won’t dry out before you can cook it.

Though we can learn how to make tortillas and…

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As college students studying journalism, our course of study begs the fundamental question; What is the role of journalism in the United States? We as Americans have an inalienable right to free speech that nowhere else in the world has. Britains are not free to criticize the royals, which Prince Henry recently dubbed the First Amendment as “bonkers” (SkyNews).

Furthermore, what is “fake news” and what should our role be in “fact-checking”? And is it our job to make definitive statements as to what is true and what isn’t? Is it our job to censor or throttle information that the…

This interview took place via phone and covered Kevin’s work in politics, his thoughts on the news media, and his future aspirations.

Q: What are your other guiding principles for your political and moral values?

A: For most of my life I was actually a socialist. I thought the world owed me, society owed me, and others owed me. I think that’s really what drove me for a while. I dove headfirst into all of my classes in college and I realized I know what’s best for me and my life better than the government, and I’ve had a much…

COVID-19. We’ve all been through the wringer, and then some this past year. We know the media buzz and we are alerted to every which way the government chooses to deal with the pandemic.

The man behind it all, Dr. Fauci, has come under fire from Americans after a long, hard year, with supposedly little honesty and transparency about what was really going on, from masks to possible treatments, to where the virus even came from. Here are five things to know about COVID-19, after the Fauci emails.

  1. The Wuhan lab leak theory

This email thread demonstrates colleagues of Dr…

Gabby Reichardt

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